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Team Building & Group Events

We offer a large selection of team building & group events throughout the UK.

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Invitations to team building & group events can be provided (as shown below). Please contact us if you would like us to send you a sample.

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A selection of our Team Building & Group Events are displayed in price bands below.

Click on the event name for a printer-friendly (PDF) containing full event details.

£50 to £100 per head

Poker Tournament

Become an expert poker player without losing a penny as you battle it out to see who is the best wheeler and dealer

Location: UK Wide

London - Opoly Challenge

Monopoly but with a twist as this best selling game in the world comes to life. Become a property baron and outwit the other teams

Location: Greater London

Enigma Project

Your chance to be James Bond and save the world with a selection of 29 secret agent missions each challenging you to individual tasks

Location: UK Wide

Cocktail Making Workshop

Learn the fancy moves and the secret tasty tips from the best mixologists in the industry and then make a range of mouth watering concoctions yourself

Location: UK Wide

Chocolate Making Workshop

Learn to experiment and beautifully prepare everyone's favourite indulgence, great alternative for a team building experience

Location: UK Wide

Chocolate Making Team Challenge

Can you save the factory from a sticky ending, enjoy the chance to get your hands messy and work as a team to turn a chocolate company around

Location: UK Wide


£100 to £150 per head

Stuntman Workshop

Your chance to learn how they do all those tricky manoeuvres in the movies including hand to hand martial arts combat, sword fighting and creating fight sequences

Location: UK Wide

Hostage Rescue

Your special forces team has a mission to rescue hostages held by a terrorist group….

Location: Bedfordshire

Diamond Heist

You and your fellow villains make a detailed plan to execute the perfect robbery…the excitement of the raid and thrill of the getaway car.

Location: Bedfordshire

Casino Royale

Casino Royal….will you be shaken or stirred. Poker, roulette, blackjack with real croupiers and a battle against other participants to be champion

Location: UK Wide


£150 to £250 per head

Escape and Evasion

Two teams, Hunters and Runners, but only one winner, can you operate behind enemy lines and evade capture….

Location: Bedfordshire

Evasive Driving

Part of the secret agents training is to learn how to evade capture while driving, anti ambush drills and to manoeuvre and control the car in difficult conditions….

Location: Northamptonshire

Italian Job 2 London Blag

The Italian Job 2 - the chance to avenge thirty years of hurt, outwit the mafia and discover the location of the Turin gold

Location: Greater London


£250 to £350 per head

Full Monty Military Challenge

Imagine the thrill of driving a 17 tonne tank, learning the secrets of the SAS and then putting your knowledge to the test

Location: Northamptonshire

Spy HQ

Practice the moves of evasive driving and learn the skills required a secret agent operation

Location: Northamptonshire

Stuntman Movie Making Challenge

With the aid of costume, special effects make-up and movie blood, you will work towards recreating fight sequences from action blockbusters such as ‘Reservoir Dogs’, ‘Blade’ and ‘Under Siege’. All captured by the film crew

Location: Greater London


Our client list includes:

Experian Barclays
Maritz Audi
Volkswagen Unilever
HSBC Royal Mail
Grass Roots Bosch

plus many more delighted clients.

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