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Incentive Schemes

This type of scheme is ideally suited for companies wishing to run a highly effective, easy to manage program. A branded incentive site is the perfect tool for:

  • Companies looking to motivate and reward staff
  • Companies looking to motivate and reward customers

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Award winning solutions

We are able to set up a unique branded version of our award-winning site to meet your objectives.

On our incentive points web site members of the incentive schemes can:

  • View their incentive points and have access to a points 'leader board' if required
  • View details of over 600 incentives available and redeem points online
  • See a photo gallery of staff that have redeemed points for experiences
  • View details of how to gain incentive points

With Experience More incentives schemes, finally members have the freedom to choose their own motivation!

How it works

Your incentive points website can be accessed either through your existing web site or through a simple alternative URL.

On entry the incentive site displays a page informing participants how the scheme works.

Participants gain incentive points in a fashion that suits your individual requirements. We can advise you but you choose how points are awarded.

Participants are able to view their current reward point total online in real time through the website. At the click of a mouse they can see the incentives available at their current point total and the incentives they could claim if they had a few more points.

Once a participant has gained the required amount of points they can claim the incentive they have been working for directly through the web site and they will receive itfrom us the next working day.

Testimonials from existing scheme users

"This is a great service, a vast choice of gifts and experiences available. The online system is simplicity itself, with fast delivery. An opportunity not to be missed!"

Rob Crouch, Maldon Process Management Limited

“The Experiances from Experian scheme is a great idea and really simple to use. Having bought a lot of B2B data from Experian in the last year, I'd earnt just over 1000 points and received an email reminding me to redeem my points. The Experiances website lists hundreds of great gift ideas you can 'claim' for yourself or your friends and family. There's something for everyone, from wine tasting to sky diving. I bought my sister a day at a music studio so that she can improve her singing - she's always wanted to be a popstar and needs all the help she can get!”

Evette Oliver, The Business Development Agency

“Accountax has been using Experience More Experiences for the last year, during this time we have been impressed with the prompt service and the quality and range of gifts on offer.”

Claire Loder, Accountax Uk Ltd

“The accumulation of these points has become very useful, its always nice to get something back and feel appreciated.
Lets hope I can continue to build the number of points so that I have more to spend with you.”

Jason Fox, Bluntswall Ltd

"The Experian loyalty scheme is a great way to reward clients and is much appreciated ! The huge range of experiences available make it great fun to choose how to spend them. The Experience More team are also very prompt at sending out the vouchers. Everyone benefits; Experian encourage repeat business and I can't wait to go up in a hot air balloon!"

Caroline Dickson, Carat Ltd

"The Experience More programme run by Experian to reward users is a great scheme. I am saving my points up and looking forward to spoiling myself soon with a treat. Whilst these schemes do not force mandatory loyalty (a broker will always act in the interest of their client's data needs first) it is nice to gain recognition when we do recommend Experian's data. The fact that you can choose your own gift experience makes it all the nicer."

Cheri Mayell - Lloyd James Group plc


Demo stores

Visit the following links to view some existing clients:

Alternatively, if you are not looking to set up your own scheme but wish to allocate incentive points to staff or customers you are welcome to use our Experience More incentive site:

On this site the only cost is the incentive points you choose to allocate.

Benefits of the branded incentives scheme

Motivate Staff - Our exciting dynamic online incentive system will ensure you achieve your objectives in the following areas:

  • Maximising sales effort
  • Retaining staff
  • Improving company morale
  • Encouraging efficiency
  • Reducing sickness

Motivate Clients - If you are looking to drive customer revenues and loyalty setting up a branded customer incentive scheme is the perfect solution.

Enforce Branding - Full re-branding ensures your company name and corporate message is delivered consistently on an ongoing basis.

Low Cost - You only pay when incentive points are redeemed making this truly a ‘success only’ scheme.

Minimal Management Effort Required - We set up the scheme, manage the site and fulfill the incentives. You only need to decide how to allocate incentive points.

Memories that last a lifetime Many of the incentives on offer are experienced based “once in a lifetime” activities that are truly worth working for. A new sense of excitement will develop in participating members.